14th Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms

25. June 2018, Kaiserslautern, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany






Round Robin Program:

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If you are interested to participate with yet another Thermochemical & Kinetics Code (not given below) please download the program and contact us at

+++ Codes & Presenters +++

  • EKVI-4.6, B. Noläng, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  • EXPLO-5, M. Suceska, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • FACTSAGE, K. Hack, GTT Technologies, Germany
  • ICT, S. Kelzenberg, Fraunhofer, ICT, Germany
  • NASA-CEA, E.-C. Koch, Lutradyn, Germany
  • IVTANTHERMO, G. Belov, V. S. Iorish, V. S. Yungman, Russia
  • REAL, G.V. Belov, Russia
  • THOR , J. L. A. Campos, University of Coimbra, Portugal


Participation fee:   


Presenters                       free admission

Regular                            150,- EUR (incl. 19 % MWSt.)

Students & Trainees          50,- EUR (incl. 19 % MWSt.)



Includes: documentation, beverages and lunch break


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Figure        Calculated Adiabatic Combustion Products of P(red)/KNO3

                  (E.-C. Koch, S. Cudzilo, Angew. Chem. 2016, 128, 15665)

13th Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms

26. June 2017, at Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal/Karlsruhe, Germany


Photo von A. Koleczko

Z. Doorenbos (2. v.l.), C. Weinhold (6.v. l, hintere Reihe), B. Proud ((. v.l., vordere Reihe), A. Kuhl (13. v. l), L. Catoire,(7.v.r, vordere Reihe), M. Comet (1.v.r). Es fehlen A. Gromov und V. Weiser


       Detailed Chemical Kinetic Models for Nanothermites Combustion


  • Dr. habil. Marc CometISL Saint-Louis, France

         Nanothermites: From Deflagration to Detonation (NSTEX);

       From Loose Powder to Object (NT-Foams)


  • Dr. Zac Doorenbos, Innovative Materials & Processes, USA

       Bottom-Up Fabrication of Pyrophoric Substrates and Structures

       Utilizing Iron Nanoparticles


  •  Prof. Dr. Alexander Gromov,  TU Nürnberg, Germany &, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

      New Avenues by Thermites Combustion: X-rays and Nuclear Processes 


  • Dr. Allen L. Kuhl, LLNL, USA

      Hydrodynamics of Pyrotechnic Explosions 


          Shock and Ignition Properties of Thermites


  • Dr. Carsten Weinhold, SCHOTT North America, USA

          Glass-Based Thermites 


  • Volker Weiser FRAUNHOFER ICT, Germany

          Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Performance and Reactivity of

          Thermite Systems - A Systematic Comparison 


Workshop Co-Chairs

  • Ernst-Christian Koch, Lutradyn, GERMANY
  • Sebastian Knapp,         Fraunhofer ICT, GERMANY


International Advisory Board

  • Marc Comet, ISL, FRANCE
  • Shingo Date, National Defense Academy, JAPAN
  • Nigel Davies, Defence Academy of the UK, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Ken Smit,       Defence Science Technology Group, AUSTRALIA




The Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms (WPC) has been founded in 2004. This occurred in an effort to provide a forum for scientists, engineers and technicians working in the field to facilitate an intensified exchange of ideas on the combustion mechanisms of pyrotechnic and other energetic materials. Since then the workshop is held intermittently adjacent to topically related conferences or seminars.



The workshop typically commences around 8 am with a get-together breakfast in the conference room, offering the opportunity to register and to meet with the presenters and other participants. Starting at 9 am the workshop features presentations of about an hour duration and sufficient time to facilitate discussion between the presenters and audience. Coffee breaks and a lunch break are held in the same room to avoid spread-out and unnecessary interruption of streams of thoughts. The workshop closes with a wrap-up session and dissemination of the presentations to the participants on a flash drive.

To get an idea about the concept access the free-of-charge proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms down below on this page.


Past Workshops 2004-2017


  • 1st, 10 July, 2004, Fort Collins, USA,
  • 2nd, 27th June, 2005, Pfinztal, Germany.
  • 3rd, 15 July, 2006, Fort Collins, USA.
  • 4th, 25 June, 2007, Pfinztal, Germany.
  • 5th, 6 October, 2007, Beaune, France.
  • 6th, 12 July, 2008, Fort Collins, USA.
  • 7th, 22 August, 2009, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • 8th, 14 May, 2011, Reims, France.
  • 9th, 9 June, 2012, Denver, USA.
  • 10th, 25 May, 2013, Valencia, Spain.
  • 11th, 12 July, 2014, Colorado Springs, USA.
  • 12th, 9 July, 2016, Grand Junction, USA
  • 13th, 26 June, 2017, Pfinztal, Germany 


  To obtain individual reports please send an email to For the full list of presentations see the document below.


Available Reports and other literature.p
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1st Workshop Proceedings - 2004 - free of charge!

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